In line with the tremendous economic growth and continuing opening up of the China markets over the last 20 years, many Mainland Chinese companies have grown from small local operations into larger and more sophisticated businesses with increasing activities outside China. It is seen that many of them would like to use Hong Kong as a platform for fund raising and for future expansion. Similarly, many organizations around the world are looking at ways to penetrate the growing China market.

However, due to the different legal and finance systems, most of Mainland Chinese companies have encountered great difficulties in implementing their business plans overseas and complying with the western regulations. Vice-versa, many western companies have also encountered strong cultural and operational barriers for entering the China market, especially the foreign investors whose return is heavily relied on the integrity and growth potentials of their Chinese investment companies.

In view of the opportunities brought about by the growing demand for services and our expertise in doing business in China and outside China, Sino (HK) International Corporate Investment Limited (^SICIL ̄) is established to provide tailor-made, one-stop-shop solutions to the PRC and western companies who are eager to leverage their business overseas.



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